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You don't need to waste time on Twitter, waiting for a reaction, we'll retweet the best ones, automatically.

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Thread scheduling made easy.

Post threads of Tweets to give extra value to your followers. You can even drip them out over minutes or hours to build suspense.

What Our Fans Say

Brittany Hollie
“As a content creator and blogger, you don't want to be glued to Twitter all day long. The fact that you can schedule tweet threads AND schedule retweets of your high-performing content is a gold mine!” — Brittany Hollie @brittsliladvice
Health Blogger
“Since I have started using Zlappo, my Twitter growth has skyrocketed. You can have your product or affiliate offers sent out while you sleep or are at your 9-5. Imagine waking up to a few sales in the bank! .” — Dean @ScholarofLife1
Marketing Consultant
Ty Solorzano
“First of all, this is a multi-account scheduler. HUGE value in that alone. The detailed auto-RT and evergreen tweet promotion WILL grow your account. I'm getting more likes, replies, retweets than ever before, and that's converting to more followers and more traffic to my website on a daily basis.” — Ty Solorzano @moodyasamother

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